Magnetic Mobile Affirmation Wallpapers

Did you know that on average, we check our phones

262 times per day???

that’s once every 5.5 minutes and spend somewhere between 3-5 hours in usage?

CRAZY RIGHT? I was surprised to learn this as well!

Well…how about you convert the same mobile checks and phone usage into an intentional and conscious manifestation ritual?


How many times?

  • Have you tried to follow your affirmations ritual regularly and failed?
  • Have you tried to follow your affirmations ritual regularly and failed?
  • Have you downloaded some kickass pdf on affirmations, and it’s sitting in your phone’s file manager?
  • Did you try to craft your affirmations and found that spark was missing?

Now what if?

  • I can help you flip all of these and give you the most magical tool to manifest and create each time you pick up your phone
  • You have 262 chances to intentionally manifest.
  • You don’t have to worry about pdfs that you never follow through
  • You have some of the most powerful affirmations to work with?

Let me introduce

‘Magnetic Mobile Affirmation Wallpapers’


20 beautifully handcrafted high vibe mobile wallpapers


20 super powerful affirmations written one on each wallpaper.


Every single affirmation is written personally by me, and I use them regularly in my life to shift and create new dimensions in my reality.


You instantly shift your vibration every time you pick up your phone


Even if you pick your mobile-first thing in the morning on some days the very first thing you see every morning is a high vibe soulful message.


This message will actually help you take your life in a different direction early morning(one of it could be keeping your phone away and taking inspired action)


The wallpaper affirmations are holistic in nature and cover almost every major area of life like self-love, financial freedom, health, soul relationship, prosperity, confidence, divine support,  mind-body-soul connection to name a few!


The freedom to keep playing with these different affirmations every few days, weeks, and months


Use these soulful powerful affirmations as a way to consciously and intentionally create your reality


Pivot your mobile scrolling after guilt into a fun manifestation game


Once you anchor this feeling enough you will automatically reduce your phone usage and you will take more and more inspired action every time you look at your phone wallpapers(home screen and lock screen)

Bonus 1

You get a video lesson from me where I explain my experience of using these wallpapers and how affirmations help.

Bonus 2

I have personally blessed each wallpaper and set beautiful intentions for them so that it brings maximum benefits to whoever is using it.

Bonus 3

Two different versions of some affirmations to suit you based on whichever gender you identify with

Bonus 4

Affirmations are both in png and jpeg downloadable format for you to choose based on your phone space

Look & Feel of the Wallpapers


Click sliding arrows to see more examples

Regular Price – $35

Limited Time Offer Price

Rs 699 or $9 only!

How people are feeling within days of trying the affirmation wallpapers