Spirituality and Energy meet Business Strategy & Wealth

Be unapologetically & authentically ‘YOU’ and build a heart-centered business empire!

The Celestial mastermind is for you if you want to create magnetic services and offers in full alignment and get paid for it.

You are here because you are done with the cookie-cutter strategies and are fully ready to lean into your unique style of being a leader & showing up with authenticity and create your business empire in the most abundant way!

Come join your soul-tribe of like-minded women who are here to defy logic, create their own rules and lead their business from the space of love, grace, and abundance!

Forget the hustle, the grind & endless actions that give no results and make you drift away from your own business

Let’s create a true magnetic business that amplifies your purpose and leaves a legacy you will be proud of even when you’re 80!

When you start your business, it’s like having a baby you are always proud of!

However very soon you fall for 197465379 million things that the internet & society tells you to follow for your biz baby to be successful and then you start questioning every damn thing including your own intuition and gut feeling!

I have been there, been part of programs and strategies that I did not resonate with. Have people teach me entrepreneurship style that was totally a mismatch for the kind of person I am!

It took me a while to understand that I am different from everyone else and so my business gets to be different from every other business!

I have embraced my fair share of the misaligned audiences, clients, failed launches, unsuccessful campaigns and so I know what it feels like when your whole world and business crumbles down and you want to hide in one corner.

I know exactly what it feels like to fall down and stand back up again.

Yes I have done the blood, sweat and tears stuff, however it did not serve anyone! Did not serve my family, did not serve my clients, did not serve my business and most certainly did not serve me!

It wasn’t until I stopped looking for solutions outside and turned inward, peeled back the layers and incorporated aligned business strategy that I started seeing massive shifts in my business, my leadership style, and the inflow of cash in my bank account!

That’s when I realized what real freedom was, what it truly meant to have a freedom-based laptop lifestyle, what it meant to not unnecessarily glorify overworking, drama and hustle!

Hence it has become my mission to pave the path for other heart-led, ambitious business entrepreneurs like you and show you all that’s possible when you work both on ‘yourself’ and your ‘business’ with grace and in alignment!

The Celestial Mastermind is for you if you want to create a business that allows you to embrace your crazy, weird, authentic self, generate wealth, inspire others and live a life of alignment and freedom!

Here is one example of when I was in the hard hustle, chaos, and out of alignment vs when I was in alignment, defying logic, providing amazing transformation to my clients, and in my zone of genius!

(These numbers don’t include my private containers)

It’s not just about my income(the picture just shows what’s measurable), it’s also about the way I perceived my life, my business, and how I started stepping into self-leadership!

I chose to invest in myself in terms of time, money & energy and so of course the story had to change!

–Joining a mastermind is huge!

Not only it’s an investment in you and your business but it’s also a sign from Universe that you are taking inspired and aligned action towards your beautiful wild dreams.

A mastermind is not just about the coach who is hosting it, it’s equally about every single person inside the container.

You don’t just benefit from the coach, you also benefit from each other.

It’s like a beautiful collaboration of amazing like-minded souls on a journey to share, learn, unlearn, support, grow and evolve together.

We learn from each other, because all of us have stories, and experiences to share

After working with and learning from some of the biggest names in the industry both national and international I have realized the kind of person I want to be and the kind of business I want to run!

The one that’s flowy, aligned, created from the place of inspired action and authentic!

This is what the essence of this mastermind is in one line

What to expect inside this mastermind

Inside Celestial Mastermind, I’ll not teach you how many times to post on social media, how to create your website on Wix, or how to select your brand colors because that sweetheart is easy and figureoutable!

There are plenty of resources and Youtube videos to teach you that.

I’ll teach you what nobody talks about!

I’ll show you how to step into your authenticity and magnetism to amplify your results and income!

I’ll show you how to embrace every phase of your business and what true leadership means!

I help you clear the crap that’s holding you back from playing big and you remember how powerful you are.

Together we understand the energetics and strategy of running a successful business.

I’ll show you how I run my business by playing in the quantum, manifesting, and co-creating with the Universe with inspired action!

This mastermind is the perfect blend of crazy magic and aligned business strategies!

The mastermind calls will revolve around these core principles-

  • Authentic Unapologetic Branding
  • Embracing the Journey & Spiritual Grounding
  • Assets & content creation-the Magical way
  • Aligned Products and Offers
  • Pricing like you’re worth it
  • Heart-centered Selling & Conversions
  • Sustainable Biz Systems, Leadership & Transformation

This mastermind is for You if

This mastermind is not for you if

  • You are done with chasing clients, sales & profits
  • You want to be part of a community that uplifts and empowers you
  • You are ready to go all-in with your business
  • You want to create a magnetic personal brand online
  • You want to show up as authentically and unapologetically ‘You’
  • You want to co-create your business with Universe in full fire flow
  • You want to embrace your journey, learn & grow from it with grace
  • You want to use tools like manifestation, spirituality, healing, and inner work to elevate your business to the next level
  • You want the intuitive flow, alignment, balance of masculine and feminine energy in your business

This mastermind is not for You if

  • You love hard work and hustle
  • You want an exact step by step process to do things in business instead of finding your own unique flow
  • You want to show up in a certain way simply because it works for ‘xyz’ person
  • You are always in masculine energy of strategy, planning, overworking, and exhausting yourself
  • You are not willing to be part of the group and uplift each other
  • You want to make quick or overnight money and have no real vision for your brand and business
  • You just want strategy and blueprint and want to completely avoid inner work, the energetics of business, and intuitive flow
  • You prefer a high container, with more focus on just you, if this is the case apply for my private coaching

Here’s how my clients feel

I always knew I wanted to get into the business, but the roadmap for it was unclear and I often got lost in information overload from the internet. But after the sessions with Khushi, she slowly got me into a flow state, where I could clear my inhibitions and actually have clarity. Her workbooks made me sit down and think about what I really wanted!
Only after that, I could tap into my higher potential.
While working with her for a short while I got 4 clients and I expanded my business.
She made me visualize and manifest my future and six months down the lane, I have started my dream business without being felt stressed nor did I overwork myself to death.
She, as a female entrepreneur has understood that a soul-led business is what is going to give us happiness, success, and peace. She is very warm and comforting, today, she is more an amazing friend than my coach. I am happy and that is what matters to tap into creativity and success! It’s not just leads and clients and conversions with her, she is a healer and strategist! I highly recommend her services to you, who want happiness, peace, and success in your business!

Brunda, SEO & Personal Brand Specialist

Here’s what you get inside The Celestial Mastermind:

  • 8 pre-recorded sessions around niches, unapologetic branding, pricing, soulmate client, heart-centered selling, creating soul-lit offers etc

These recordings are around the main pillars shown in the picture when you scroll above.


  • 2 group mastermind calls every month for 3 months

We will have 2 group calls of 60-90 minutes every month which will be held via zoom. These calls will have a theme and replays will be made available too.


  • 3 Private coaching calls worth 15000/- (1 call every month)

You will get five private 1:1 60 minutes coaching calls which can be availed anytime during five months of the mastermind. During these calls, we will hyper-focus on your business, energy, and strategy so that you exactly know the path you want to take in your business.

  • Private whatsapp group access for 3 months

You get access to a group chat on whatsapp where you can connect with the other amazing entrepreneurs, ask questions, get suggestions and share your ideas and wins. I will also be inside the group chat Mon-Fri answering your questions and providing you support.

Let’s talk about Bonuses!

  •  Printable worksheets with exercises to incorporate what we learn and take aligned actions.

  • Access to 20 powerful Magnetic mobile affirmation wallpapers to manifest in all different areas of your life.

  • Access to guided meditation bundle of 7 beautifully crafted and recorded meditations by me which include meditations around self-love, mindfulness, confidence, and more.

(only my ‘Live in Abundance’ students have access to it and now you will have it too)

  • A list of my personal business affirmations which help me sprinkle magic in my business.

Another major bonus-

You get to keep the mastermind modules taught in the mastermind for 1 year AND if I update any module or add a new module during that 1 year, you will have access to these too for your duration of 1-year access. So you will get access to any future modules for 1 year even after you graduate from the mastermind.

How cool is that? This is literally one of my favorite things I’m providing as part of the mastermind

Investment for The Celestial Mastermind-

,Your investment in this high-end immersive experience of Spirituality, Business Strategy, and Energy is

Actual investment Rs 45000/-

You invest and block your place right now at Rs 7999/-

*Price will be 9999/- very soon

We start the next batch in  Dec 2022.

You will get to keep the main mastermind recordings/modules for 1 year.

You will have lifetime access to all the bonuses.

I am in complete awe and at the loss of words to explain how transformational, this program has been for me in my life. Never in my life did I think I’d make it this far and I am the standing example of attaining success by having a wonderful coach by my side. I remember getting onboarded with zero experience in coaching, I was scared to take the big step. But, here came Khushi who changed my viewpoint as a whole from the first session. When I hear the word “Coaching”, I would only be reminded of the business aspect of it. But it was Khushi who inculcated a mix of mindset and business. I honestly did not think from that view and I am glad I was open to new learnings from her.
Once we worked on my energy and my blocks my mind was cleared, she guided me on effortlessly building my coaching program, just by having a fixed and optimistic mindset. Her one advice made me push myself in launching my program (Yes, I didn’t know anything about launching too) and within 20 minutes of launch, the applications started pouring in. This was purely done, because of the pure intention setting right from the starting that she helped me with, before putting in the offer. There was a lot of inner work which made me gain the right set of students for my BETA lunch.
I signed up 10 students for my BETA LAUNCH, it was a 15k launch and the program was a grand success.
Precisely after 1-month post the end of the Beta launch, I wanted to give this program another shot to launch it full-fledged but I was swarmed with self-doubt all over. This was when I got on a call with Khushii and she helped me in understanding the things required for a successful main launch – The basics of selling a product without being salesy, how to fix the price for your product all while being authentic to your true self, showing up genuinely in solving the pain points of the people, etc. In a nutshell, we worked together on setting the energy right and with that energy, I launched my full-fledged program. The launch was absolutely effortless – I was not told by her to post 5 times a day, appear on stories all the time. The only piece of advice she gave me was never to stop being real. When the intentions were set right, I got on calls and onboarded students who are absolutely passionate about learning from me and second launch made me over 40k in sales. Had I not taken her guidance, this wouldn’t be possible. This was all done with having a full-time job (10+hours work) alongside.
So, thanks a million times Khushi !! I am indebted to you and more power to you 🙂

Prathiba, Blogging Coach

Who is this right fit for?

It’s a right fit for new or early-stage entrepreneurs in the online business who want to create super aligned, flowy, and authentic business and services for their clients.

If you are completely new and have not started your business yet, you too will benefit from the mastermind and will be able to start your business with the right mindset and energy from the very beginning.

It would be great if you have some areas in which you want to start and then we can start from there to find the right niche for you.

How long do I have access to the mastermind modules?

Mastermind is a 3 MONTH immersive experience.

You get 1 year of access to all the mastermind modules and any future modules added within that time.

I have product based biz, is it right fit for me?

The Celestial mastermind is designed for service-based business owners, coaches and consultants

What can I do to get the best out of this mastermind?

You commit to showing up with the best intentions, be open to learning and unlearning, take inspired action and implement ideas in your business.

Invest 5-7 hours in your business in a week.

Can you guarantee results?

I would love to guarantee this but I can’t.

There are too many factors out of my control such as the effort and time you put in. I am, however, extremely confident that if you fully immerse yourself into the content you will have magical shifts in all areas of your life and will truly manifest amazing things in your life.

I will teach you, inspire you, motivate you, nudge you and cheer you on.

There are success stories of numerous students getting magical results doing what you will be learning.

If you’re here to show up and boldly commit to transforming your life, with this energy comes massive results!

Return and refunds policy

Due to the digital nature of this mastermind, refunds aren’t available.

We urge you to read through the course details and understand the offering and your intentions from the course before enrolling. We believe deeply in the miracles you’re about to receive and urge you to enroll with a commitment to seeing the course through.