Live In Abundance 

Choose to Live in Abundance because abundance is your birthright and it’s time for you to create the life you love!

Live In Abundance 

Choose to Live in Abundance because abundance is your birthright and it’s time for you to create the life you love!



Okay..Okay..Alright..I hear you!
You don’t believe in manifestation!

  • You don’t believe in manifestation
  • You are tired of trying 100 different techniques with ‘zero’ results
  • You look at this whole world of personal growth & expansion with skepticism
  • You do everything on the outside ie in the physical world and yet don’t get the success and happiness you desire
  • You are filled with the feeling of ‘Not good enough, ‘I don’t deserve it’ and ‘I’m just the victim here’
  • You have a hardcore belief that life creation & manifestation isn’t for everyone
  • You feel that life is always in the driver’s seat & you have no power & say in your own life whatsoever

HEY! I Don’t Blame You!

As most of the things you have learned or been taught about Manifestation & Life Creation is WRONG!
It’s just not working out for you, simply because you find it overwhelming, and it gives no results.

Well, I have been there. I tried techniques after techniques after techniques after techniques…yesss…so many techniques and more!
And after doing these techniques I wondered what was going wrong? Why is it not happening? Ever thought this way?
Are 1000’s of techniques done on the conscious level the answer to creating the life you love? Ummm..NO!
I learned from some of the biggest mistakes I was making while trying to figure this whole thing out, and once I did things flipped for me!


The trap of feeling positive all the time!

You see most people, books, and courses talk about feeling positive all the time, as that’s the number one thing for manifesting the success of your dreams..but is it?? The only thing that comes from slipping into toxic positivity is more overwhelm, insecurities and fears in the long run as you are just not doing the deeper level of work!


You are doing the surface-level work!

Your subconscious mind is 90% responsible for the decisions you make, the beliefs you hold, the results you get and only 10% of it has to do with the conscious mind! The real magic is working on your subconscious rewiring aka deeper level work on yourself.


You are doing the surface-level work!

You get in life what you are open to receiving! Are you open to receiving what you actually want in your life?


Manifesting for all the wrong reasons!

Your subconscious mind is 90% responsible for the decisions you make, the beliefs you hold, the results you get and only 10% of it has to do with the conscious mind! The real magic is working on your subconscious rewiring aka deeper level work on yourself.

Does this mean Manifestation doesn’t work?

Hell No! In fact, it’s the opposite, You are manifesting every second of every day!

I want to share my success story of how I manifested a fabulous well-paid job in amazon in 2020 in a full-fledged lockdown with LIA!
I also manifested the exact high-end laptop that I wanted for many years!

I was so low and afraid of moving forward after trying for UPSC exams in the past and my confidence was very very low. My soul partner introduced me to Khushii’s work and I decided to take up the ‘Live in Abundance’ course

After joining the course in November, I immediately had the intuition to apply for a job role at ‘amazon’ on 6th Nov and did the first round of online written test on 7th November 2020
My friend who works at amazon told me that it takes at least 1 month for the interview to get scheduled and the whole process takes around 2 months and there’s no guarantee!

However, me being in LIA, I practiced what Khushii teaches and so obviously Universe had different plans for me!!!
I got an interview call on 11th Nov, all rounds went great and my selection in amazon was confirmed on 16th November and my joining date was 30th November 2020. CRAZY right? It all happened within 10 days of applying for the job!

I want to thank you Khushii for giving me the right direction, it really helps me a lot every day in my life and has completely changed me as a person.
What I got from LIA is that no matter what happens, believe in your thoughts, do the inner work and trust the process. Universe has answers to all of our imaginations.

-Dhanish Kumar, works at amazon

Let me tell you why manifestation is so powerful!

Manifestation is a deeper process and understanding of the universal laws. Manifestation goes beyond just the tools and the techniques. It has to be holistic!
You create your life every single second of every day as long as you are on this planet, whether you believe it or not, whether you want it or not!
So it’s your choice, you can either work with these universal laws and co-create your life or work against them and self-sabotage!

Using the universal laws you can truly shift your energy, mindset and co-create everything you want.

I have used the same processes, beliefs, and techniques to come out of impossible situations in my life.

If I and my students can so can YOU.

I have written a little about my journey towards the end of this page, give it a read as you reach there.


‘Live in Abundance’ is not just a course, it’s a tool to have a purposeful life and I’m so grateful that Khushii created this course.
Through LIA I have manifested that my husband should be with me, it happened and he is with me now after a year of separation.
I manifested to have a good relationship with my family members, My family is recognizing me better these days.

I manifested to have a child, I am on treatment right now, earlier it wasn’t fruitful and now I have much faith in my ongoing treatment and I feel this time I am going to conceive and will give birth to a healthy baby.

Beyond these manifestations, the LIA routine aligns your mind and life. I also feel that it serves as an intro course to spirituality, which is amazing and it shows the depth with which Khushii has created this course!
Lia changed my perspective of spirituality, my view of spirituality was sacrificing everything, so I thought it is not needed in my life but actually, spirituality is teaching to live life to the fullest.

Thank you, Khushi for taking efforts to lift people at the hour they needed the most.

-Priyadharshini R, Doctor

You need Live in Abundance because

You deserve to make your vision board into reality!


You are worthy of living your life in full alignment and freedom!


You are more than capable of creating a life you fall in love with!


You are capable of rewiring your subconscious beliefs patterns and understand your true worth


You deserve to experience conscious manifestation from the present moment


You must experience trust and surrender and be open for miracles with grace


You deserve to take inspired action from the place of joy and calmness


You deserve the transformation in your life & mindset which is above and beyond anything that can be put into words.

The basis of LIA is the present moment and conscious manifestation combined with the power of healing, self-love, and everything magical!!!

It is the most in-depth program that does the work for you effortlessly, while you just follow the routine, and by work, I mean core level inner work! LIA is tried and tested and it works!!!
It works for me, and for my students. There are so many students inside LIA who have manifested amazing job opportunities(often more than 1), business opportunities, amazing clients, great health, relationships, confidence, and so much more!

If you are here, it’s probably because you were meant to be, take this as a sign and come be a part of ‘Live in Abundance’

LIA is truly magical! I have manifested money like crazy in the last few weeks after joining LIA
I have received 1 lakh in my bank account all of a sudden from my sister.
It’s the first time that I have more than 1 lakh in my account, before this my account never crossed even 40k in the last 3 years of my earning.
Not only this, but I also got a lot of discounts for the products I wanted to purchase and also I got 2 sarees as a gift which is worth 10k each. None of this happened to me before.

-Sangeetha Babu

Here’s what you get when you sign up for LIA

Level 0

Let’s start from

  • Understanding Manifestation and Law of Attraction
  • How Meditation serves Manifestation?
  • Why Manifestations don’t work for some people?
  • The Journey of Life Creation
  • What is the role of the Subconscious Mind in Manifestation?

Level 1

Essential Tools to

SET THE GROUND for Manifestation

  • Setting the ground with Meditation

  • Daily Intention Setting Exercise
  • Watering the flowers: The Right Way to Practice Gratitude
  • Life-design blueprint: Clarity Process in 14 areas of your Life
  • Choosing the major Desires for each month to Manifest

Level 2

Techniques to Re-program your

Subconscious mind while Manifesting

  • Get crystal clear on your desire, what it looks like & feels like

  • How to re-model your Belief System?
  • Breaking down your blocks aka increasing your Deserving Factor
  • Choosing the right reasons for the manifestation
  • Understanding the importance of Divine Timing & Surrender
  • How to surrender and Trust the process?

Level 3

Tools to MANIFEST?

(Miracle Manifestation Routine)

  • The exact way to Script for Manifesting your Dream Life

  • Power of Affirmations, Science behind it, and how to practice them the right way
  • Science behind Visualization
  • Sensory and Creative Visualization Technique
  • How to take Inspired Action?
  • A SOLID step by step Routine to attract anything and everything you want

I have got a super exciting LIMITED TIME OFFER jut for you

The Actual Value of this course- Rs 15,000

But today you can register for only Rs 5,999

and you get bonus worth 51,000 for free!

You spend less than Rs 5/day to step into your power & create abundance in your life

For NRI Students it’s one single payment of $167

Not only this you will get BONUSES worth RS 51,000
absolutely free!

Bonus 1

  • The exact way to write Powerful Affirmations and associating them with Visualization. You will learn everything about affirmations in depth.

(VALUE 3,000)

Bonus 2

  • Checklist for writing scripts in a way that Universe can receive your message. When you start scripting, the process can get overwhelming with what to do and not do. This checklist will keep you on track.

(VALUE 1,000)

Bonus 3

  • Ultimate guided visualization meditation for manifesting your dreams

(VALUE 1,000)

Bonus 4

  • Cards to set your day and life for success and alignment. These are 30 beautiful intention cards crafted by me. You can print them out or read and incorporate them everyday for an aligned magical day.

(VALUE 2,000)

Bonus 5

  • Amazing vault of additional tools and techniques to make you a magnetic manifester. These are additional manifestation and grounding tools in the field of self-love, mindfulness, healing, money, and mirror techniques which I usually give my private clients

(VALUE 5,000)

Bonus 6

  • 7 beautifully crafted meditations ranging from mindfulness, self-love, confidence, depression buster to many more!

(VALUE 3,000)

Bonus 7

  • 1 Live coaching call every month until Dec 2022 & recording of all previous calls. This is where we get intimate, I coach, support, and even have fun exercises every month

(VALUE 25,000)

Bonus 8

  • Any future additions to the main LIA course are made available to old students for free. I keep updating/adding new modules inside the LIA main course.

(VALUE 10,000)

Bonus 9

  • You get 5 year+ access to the private facebook group of LIA where all of us share our amazing success stories and support each other

(VALUE 1,000)

Meet your coach Khushii

Hey Beautiful Soul!
I’m Khushii, Life Design, and Manifestation Coach. I’m the founder of “The Mindful Abundance”.

I am an international certified coach and trainer and I’ve coached 2000+ students to date.

I’m also an Ex-Big4 employee, a millennial mom, minimalist, depression survivor, rain and chai-pakoda kind of girl, and a believer of all things magical!

Trust me when I say this, I have been on the other side of the curve, grew up with a serious financial crisis, so much so that we often would struggle for daily meals, have been through depression, been severely sick, at the same time have seen my dad in ICU, have been pushed out of many many houses, just because we could not afford to pay the rent on time.
Have studied in the kerosine oil lamp and stayed in a house without electricity for 3+ years. These are just a few of the life situations that I have penned down here, I could probably go on and on for another day..

From this, in the last few years, I shifted the scale, the direction of my life as and when I went deeper into the law of attraction, energy, and manifestation.

I did my engineering against all odds, graduated with an excellent scorecard, was the first one to get placed in an amazing company, went to London, got married, have a beautiful baby, we bought our first home, I started my business, grew it, still scaling it in the most aligned way, and we now live in a rented Beautiful Penthouse Villa Home by choice!

From being pushed out of homes, to owning one and living in a Penthouse Villa Home is freaking crazy and amazing for me! I still often have to pinch myself to remind myself that this is the life I have chosen to consciously create!

Live in Abundance has played the most important role in all of this.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to Manifestation, will this course serve me?

Yes, the course is created in such a way that whether you are a beginner or have prior knowledge, the course will benefit you immensely.

What kind of course is it?

It’s a self-paced course.

Live group coaching call will be held once every month until December 2022

When and how will I get access to the course?

You’ll get access to the course within 24 hours of registering.

You will be sent a Welcome email with facebook group access all the further instructions post payment.

How long will it take to go through the course for the first time?

You will need anywhere between 30-45 days to go through the course for the first time.

After this, you will understand and create the LIA routine that you can follow every month.

The best part? you get amazing results even if you follow the routines for just 20-25 days in a month!

What is the time commitment needed per day?

You would need anywhere between 20-40 minutes to practice the entire routine in a day.

Can you guarantee results?

I would love to guarantee this but I can’t.

There are too many factors out of my control such as the effort and time you put in. I am, however, extremely confident that if you fully immerse yourself into the content you will have magical shifts in all areas of your life and will truly manifest amazing things in your life.

I will teach you, inspire you, motivate you, nudge you and cheer you on.

There are tons of success stories of numerous students getting magical results doing what you will be learning.

If you’re here to show up and boldly commit to transforming your life, with this energy comes massive results!

Return and Refunds Policy

We stand behind our products/services and your satisfaction with them is of utmost importance to us. However, because our products/services are completely digital in nature and provided to you via Internet download, they are non-refundable and we do not accept any refund request of whatsoever nature.

We urge you to read through the course details and understand the offering and your intentions from the course before enrolling. We believe deeply in the miracles you’re about to receive and urge you to enroll with a commitment to seeing the course through.