Unleash Abundance Challenge

A fabulous 5-day course to take charge of your life & step into real freedom!

Unleash Abundance Challenge

A 5-day course to take charge of your life & step into real freedom!



Take your 1st step towards
manifesting your Dream Life

Understand how to reach your full potential in life through my secret 5 step method for achieving your impossible dreams, walk away with practical tools, positive belief systems, and a mentor for life

Are you someone…


Who is tired of letting life take over your dreams, visions, and goals?


Who is constantly in the victim mindset?


Who often gets confused as to what is the true meaning of life creation?


Who wants to co-create your life alongside the Universe, however it seems impossible to achieve?


Who feels like you cannot have it all in life?

Here’s how 5 days Unleash Abundance Challenge will help you


You will understand the true meaning of living an abundant life


You walk away with inner-work tools and techniques on all 5 days


You understand how to step into self-love and manifest from there


You finally learn the ultimate process of creating the life of your dreams


You learn how to step into confidence and take charge of your life


You get my secret 5 step method to manifest and create Abundance in Life


You get a Fail-proof method of shifting your energy and making ‘Impossible Possible in Life’


I am so grateful that I joined the Unleash Quantum Abundance Challenge in March of 2021. Khushii’s teachings in UQAC give me a fresh perspective every time I go through the notes. The affirmation and meditation are just amazing and powerful. I am so happy that following what I learned in UQAC, I reached my monthly income goal for June 2021 in just 15 days of the month!

– Harini, Virtual Assitant

In such a short amount of time, I have got to learn so much from UQAC, that I can think and act differently! The tools inside UQAC help so much with the whole process. It’s like my brain has rejuvenated on so many different levels that I feel so many new doors have opened. All thanks to you Khushii, your story is so inspiring. More power to you. You are an amazing mentor. Thank you for UQAC!

– Tejal Alam

Unleash Quantum Abundance Challenge really helped me to come out of my victim mindset. I was going through tough times and anxiety and this course was like a breeze. Saying the affirmations out loud in front of the mirror and writing those 2 sentences on the mirror is really making a big difference in my mood and mindset! Thank you Khushii

– Anusha, Life & Mindset Coach

Here’s what you get when you sign up for UAC

Day 1

  • What is true Abundance and how to unleash it
  • Science-psychology lead explanation of Manifestation
  • Secret no 1 & The process of Life-creation
  • Practical tool for grounding your self

Day 2

  • Secret no 2 of Planting the seed of Abundance
  • Importance of inner-work for unleashing Abundance in life and right way to do it
  • Practical tool for deep subconscious re-programming

Day 3

  • Secret no 3 & how to build an Abundance Mindset
  • Understanding the importance of beliefs that do & do not serve us
  • A practical tool to empower yourself

Day 4

  • Secret no 4 & Importance of trust and faith
  • Why your manifestations are not working and what you can do to fix it
  • Practical tools to bring in the change

Day 5

  • Secret no 5 of life creation and fruition.
  • Understanding how Universe brings everything together for us
  • A practical tool to empower yourself

By now You must be thinking…Ummm..okay…The course is value-packed! But how much does it all cost??

Well…I wanted this course to be super affordable for everyone because we all deserve to reach our true potential and Unleash Abundance in Life! 

So I’ve got a super exciting [Limited Time Offer] only for YOU!
The Actual Value of this course- Rs 3,000

However as part of special Offer you can register for only Rs 399

Not only this you will get BONUSES worth RS 5,000
absolutely free!

Bonus 1

  • On-demand recorded Master Class on Day 5 by Khushii on How to go from ‘Impossible to Possible’ quickly with ease.
  • Understand how the sub-conscious mind works, how to break through our belief systems, how to build solid routine in life to go from impossible to possible
  • Lots of practical tools & exercises throughout the ‘on demand masterclass’

(VALUE 3,000)

Bonus 2

  • Guided meditation to release any and all fears and connect with your higher self!

(VALUE 1,000)

Bonus 3

  • Khushii’s personal list of powerful affirmations which has never been shared online ever

(VALUE 1,000)

Meet your coach Khushii

Hey Beautiful Soul!
I’m Khushii, Life Design, and Manifestation Coach. I’m the founder of “The Mindful Abundance”.

I am an international certified coach and trainer and I’ve coached 2000+ students to date.

I’m also an Ex-Big4 employee, a millennial mom, minimalist, depression survivor, rain and chai-pakoda kind of girl, and a believer of all things magical!

I have created a whole different life for me going from depression and job resignation to becoming peaceful, happy, and wealthy. I want to help you do the same in life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop for?

If you are new to Abundance, Manifestation and Personal growth you will find it extremely helpful. The course is especially designed for people who are new to life creation, LOA and personal growth

How will the workshop be conducted?

It’s a 5 day pre-recorded course.

You can do it soon after you register through our academy portal.

Every day new content will be unlocked for you to go through and implement.

You will get regular email reminders to keep you on track

How will I get access to the workshop?

Post payment you will get a welcome email and access to the course within 24 hours.

If incase you don’t get access in 24 hours from the time of payment please write to us at reachme@themindfulabundance.com and I’ll personally look into it 🙂

Please check your promotion/spam folder and if the email lands there please move it into primary inbox.

For how long will I have access to the course?

You will get access to the course for 1 year from the date of enrollment.

After 1 year the access will be revoked automatically

Return and Refunds Policy

We stand behind our products/services and your satisfaction with them is of utmost importance to us. However, because our products/services are completely digital in nature and provided to you via Internet download, they are non-refundable and we do not accept any refund request of whatsoever nature.

We urge you to read through the course details and understand the offering and your intentions from the course before enrolling. We believe deeply in the miracles you’re about to receive and urge you to enroll with a commitment to seeing the course through.

Please Note:

Please wait for few hours after you make the payment for the email to hit your inbox.

Kindly check your inbox/spam/promotion folder for the welcome and access email before shooting an email or a DM.

If you don’t get an email or access within 24 hours of making the payment[you most definitely will get] still in case if you don’t then please send an email with your receipt to reachme@themindfulabundance.com and I will personally look into it and help you out.